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6 Differences between Arabica and Robusta Coffee Beans

Arabica and Robusta are the two kinds of coffee bean used in commercial coffee production. The two main differences between them include their taste and where they are grown. Arabica is said to be the more preferred flavour of bean while Robusta beans are more commonly used in blends.



Here is a list of some of the main differences between the two beans:

  1. Robusta beans contain a higher level of caffeine than Arabica beans. This factor may be a decision maker for some people when choosing their coffee as Robusta beans contain almost double the amount of caffeine.
  2. Arabica beans have a milder, more aromatic taste while Robusta beans hold a stronger, more acquired flavour.
  3. When it comes to their difference in shape, Arabica beans are flat and elongated while Robusta beans have a more obvious rounded shape.
  4. When they are still on their plant, the beans can easily be told apart by their difference in colour as Arabica beans are a darker shade of green then Robusta beans.
  5. Arabica beans are cultivated in more subtropical climates.
  6. Over 70% of the coffee grown around the world is Arabica. And although Arabica is generally known as the higher quality bean, there are many high quality blends of Robusta available on the market too.

Due to the fact that Arabica is the more flavoursome of the two types of bean it also fetches a higher price. Higher quality coffee blends consists of 100% Arabica coffee beans while cheaper blends are usually made up of a mix between the two beans. These are often considered to be of a lower quality.


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