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Arabica Vs. Robusta

When it comes to your coffee, do you know the basics of the beans that comprise your daily cup? Most coffee aficionados could tell you there’s two types of coffee beans; Arabica and Robusta. All the coffee in the world falls into one of those two categories, but the origins and qualities of the beans are what makes them so drastically different. The type of bean changes the taste, smell, and strength of the coffee, so knowing the difference in the two is important.

One main difference between the two beans are the conditions in which they’re grown. The Arabica beans are grown at higher elevations which makes for a slower grow process and thus harder to yield large quantities. Robusta beans are harvested on plantations with easier farming practices, yielding larger crops, which tends to decrease the quality of the beans. Additionally, Robusta beans need less pesticides because of the extra caffeine content the bean holds. The difference in growing conditions and farming methods contributes to Arabica being a more expensive bean than Robusta.

The most distinct difference between the two beans is the taste. Robusta beans are often described as tasting burnt or rubbery and are frequently used for instant coffees. The flavor profiles associated with Arabica beans tend to come in a wider variety. The profiles hold tones described typically as being sweet, fruity or nutty, which are rarely present in Robusta beans. Robusta also has more caffeine content than Arabica. Arabica beans contain around 1.5% caffeine content whereas Robusta beans contain nearly double the caffeine content, at 2.7%.

Lastly, when in doubt, check the shape of the bean to differentiate between the two. Robusta beans tend to be more round and Arabica beans are oval.

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